Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty Woman

Outfit Inspiration:

My loves, inspiration can come from all places and that's why it is important to always be on the lookout!!
It is good to keep a plethora of sources on hand, for, when that aha! moment strikes, you will never be without the inspiration! The past few days I have been inspired, and as much as I'd love to keep it all to myself, I just can't resist posting!!! Here are some outfits that I can't wait to try and build off of:

She is so adorable!! Her style really appeals to me. She looks like a giant babydoll! Her outfits are practical and functional but glamourous and artistic. The contrasts of textures and colors...That really speaks to me. Even when I was younger and just getting into style, I was fascinated with the concept of contrasting textures.

 Sources: Can't remember but It's probably from an amazing blog. I think I actually took the second picture and it looks like it's from Elle.

 Source: Fashion Chalet.
The Look: Body con/fitted skirt with a loose blouse. J'adore!

Source: Elle. I have bee dying to find a metalic skirt and pair it with a preppy striped sweater! So unexpected, but so...right. Love!
So the main point of the post, dears was for me to make sure I didn't forget about these images, really. :] haha.
Gotta get ready for work! See ya!

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