Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scripture of the Day

Do not be evious of evil men, Nor desire to be with them; For their heart devises violence. And their lips talk of troublemaking. Proverbs 24:1-2

You know those people that don't have integrity and they lie and step on others? They say awful things to people and they just seem to do all kinds of mischevious and unethical things and somehow get ahead? Well...don't be jealous of those people. Don't want to be like them. Don't be like them. They will not get ahead forever. Soon, that behavior is going to catch up with them and at some point, they will fall. Do the right thing and have integrity. Do things the right way. It won't go unrewarded, because you won't be the one having to lie to cover your tracks and you will be able to enjoy your hard work.  You will be proud of yourself for doing the right thing and you will be surprised at how far a little integrity can take you even if it doesn't feel like it all the time. A true lady or gentleman is full of integrity and is kind. In this world, be that difference that we need to see. It's always classy.

I haven't done a scripture of the day in a while. That one jumped out at me today. When that happens, it's always best to really explore it and expound/journal on it. It's like a personal growth kind of thing. They taught us that at school last fall. I dare you to try it sometime. Even if your not a Christian or never really got into anything, Proverbs is full of just plain wise advice. I dare you to try it for a week. Every day, read a part and the part that you want to journal on, do it. And when you don't feel inspired, just do it. It could be a poem, or a quote or whatever. I can promise you that some of that wise advice in Proverbs has saved me a time or two from some uncomfortable situations. I might do this more often.

Well anyway, it's Milan Fashion Week!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Just watched Emporio Armani and Pucci.  I liked Armani a lot. As for Pucci, there was a red tuxedo jacket with sequined sleeves that stole my attention. I liked the skirts, but I'll need to see them styled. I'm sure they'll grow on me. Right now, it's a little too 2005 bohemian skirt. But like I said, I'll probably love it come spring. Birthday Party tonight for my sweet, fabulous friend Megan. It will be crazy I'm sure. I ended up getting her a gift card. Is that too impersonal? Meanwhile, I'd love to wear this to any event, beit birthday party or lounging at home...
ADR killin it as always with The Man Repeller, I believe.
They both rock. I bet she never thought she'd be walking alongside that fabulous woman at fashion week one day...
And I mean that for the both of them. :] Lucky Ducks.
Have a great weekend!

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