Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I normally have a scripture for this but here's the words of wisdom today:


I could just die over this!

I don't even want to get in to this story.
I'm just so frustrated.
Now I have to go clean my entire room to try to search for this receipt.
It could use a good cleaning anyway.
Meanwhile, I will leave you with this.

That bag is flawless and I'm ALL about colored Python this season.
And for a random burst:
The Pink Party episode of GG played Monday night. I was so inspired.
I have a big pink post and a GG post coming soon but I was dying to share this today.
Don't Blair's minions look insanely fabulous?
Have a happy Wednesday everyone.
I'm off to cry and clean and pray I find this receipt.
Yes, I'm dramatic and Yes, I find it funny.
But I really am upset.
I must find it. :[
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Hey !
    Those Chloe adds are so beautiful, love the third one the most :)
    GG has a really good stylist !

  2. thanks for coming by darling!

    gossip girl = fave
    chloe = another fave :)

    hope you find your receipt!!!!

  3. oh how i love chloe - so chic :)

    xo jeanette


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