Monday, August 15, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Love!

Image via OscarPRGirl

This very special little dress happens to be from Oscar De La Renta's first collection in 1965.
Oh, how I just adore vintage!!
Definitely worthy of Special Dress Tuesday.
Yes, I've posted on Monday but it's really for Tuesday!
I will never get tired of vintage ensembles.
This dress is is so glamourous and adorable, I couldn't NOT post.
I would totally wear this dress today.
Beautiful well made clothes last a lifetime and they tell a story.
 And that is one story that is worth remembering!

Lately, I've been thinking about packing and laundry!
Though, it seems all I've done is be lazy.
And the occasional laundry load.
But I'm thinking about this year at school.
It's going to be a new year with new faces.
There's a lot of things that scare me.
I've got some things I want to achieve.
And I'm just going to have to put on a brave face and well, face them if I want to succeed.
God is my strength.
I can do all things through Christ and I will do these things!!
That's what I keep trying to tell myself.
But noone successful ever got anywhere telling themselves any different.
Here's a word of advice to any new school students, anyone aspiring to anything, and myself:
My friend Joseph told me this recently...
"Get that dream (goal, aspiration) real good and set in your heart and mind...And Don't stop chasing it until you get there"

P.S. for any of you who have read my blog before, you might have read that I was working on a sermon...
I preached it Sunday night at church!
I think people liked it.
And now that I think about it...oddly enough that I'm kind of talking about the same thing in this post...
It was about never losing your joy, praise, and cause.
You know, not giving up, even when you think you're in some sort of trouble or distress.
And I promised that I would post it for those who wanted to read it.
So, I will do just that soon.

                                  Anyway, I just stumbled across OscarPRGirl's Tumblr last night
It's really adorable.
Check it out!

Oscar, Resort 2012

Give me your view on vintage and all thats inspiring you right now.
What are you doing or wanting to do this fall?
Talk to me darlings!
Love you ALL!
Have a great day and a great week!!


  1. Beautiful visuals! Wow, love those sleeves!
    I work part time in a women's consignment shop and am always looking for things to add to my wardrobe of course. ;-) Beautiful jackets are timeless. Right now I'm on the hunt for a patterned one. It's difficult finding the fabrics that aren't "dated" when shopping vintage or used. I have to really analyze the piece before I make a final decision. And sometimes I'm still wrong!

  2. Cute!! Love your fashion picks.

  3. That dress is stunning! The colours, the pattern, the mix of fabrics...a true beauty.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.

  4. love the second vintage choice. Classic but classy! love it!
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  5. Something tells me you aren't going to have any trouble making new friends! And if you really feel the need to win them over - there's always my striped cake!

  6. wow that vintage dress is stunning!


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