Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peace, Love, and Glamour

Alright, Darlings. I'll be blunt today.
I've procrastinated and I only have today to pack for school!
So, I'm making a short post today.
You'll have me back, soon, I promise :]

Meanwhile, Don't you just ADORE this Free People campaign with all of your little hearts?!
I know I do. I can't get enough of the seventies boho trend. It's gorgeous!

 Bohemian Princesses I tell you!!! :]
Take it in. Be inspired.
And now, I am regretful to inform you that I must go spend an entire day cleaning, packing, STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DANG RECEIPT, altering clothes, and smiling because I thought I wasn't going to be able to go this semester. But let me take a minute to testifyyyy a ha. *Did my preacher voice :p* I prayed last night and asked God to bring the money through for today. I don't know how money for school can come through in that short of time. But all I know did. :] I'm so happy.
TTYL loves! Always keep hope alive! Things can happen!

P.S. Alright, so I made it longer than a short post. What can I say, I'm a procrastinator. ;)


  1. absolutely love these photos and that's so great about being able to go to school this semester hope you finish cleaning and packing quickly! thanks for the comment!

  2. These pictures are lovely, full of inspiration!
    NEW OUTFIT POST: Blue Belted

  3. I really love this picts! gorgeous ;)

    Come to my blog and i would love if you follow my blog too! ;)

    xoxo, Gloria

  4. the floppy hats are adorable! I want one now!

  5. Pretty Model!
    love the photos!


  6. Love these photos! defs inspiration for fall :)

  7. Love this Free People campaign! I've been treasuring the catalogue since I got it! <3

    Love Ellen

  8. I love all of these, no way could I choose a favorite!

  9. Glad it all worked out - isn't that the best? (-:

  10. I love so many things here! Her jacket, cape, her headdress... these are a lovely collection of photos :)

  11. Free People is just always sooo good.

  12. Looove all of these, especially that cape (gah!). Now just have to figure out how to recreate these looks for me, and how to create a life where I actually need them. ;)

  13. I love your texts Madi:D
    I am happy for you being able to attend school this semester:)

    Amazing collection, the boho look is fabulous!:)


    Stories and Sequins

  14. This campaign is so fun and I WANT that purple felt hat!
    Thanks for stopping by and so glad the money for school came through!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. this is a brilliant campaign. all i want to do is shop now!!! and don't worry we all procrastinate ;)
    i'm confused...

  16. Love the pictures!

  17. I want the outfit in that first picture so bad! I would dress like that everyday if I knew where to get the pieces and had the budget. Too bad, I don't.

    Have you considered being a stylist? I bet you'd be amazing at it! I am sure there are plenty of models that would love to work with you. I know I would.


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