Monday, August 29, 2011

Resort to Color

I'd like to start out this post by saying that I loved reading your comments and I am thankful for all of the sweet ones about school. However, I came to say that I am not at school after all. The money DID come in and I am so grateful! I was so excited. However, multiple extenuating circumstances got in the way and  I decided to stay home this semester. I want to be there, but I am happy that I stayed home. I know this probably sounds a little strange. I was going to leave that morning but when you know you don't need to do something, you just know. Some of it has to do with sick family. And it was confirmed after I made the decision in multiple ways. I do know I made the right decision. And I WILL be going back in January. So it's no big deal. I wanted to share this because I am personal in my blog, and I felt that if I shared about school money, then, I wanted to share about this. it'd get a little weird when I wasn't posting about school. lol. I am a little disappointed and I miss school a lot. I suppose part of the reason I hadn't posted is because I just didn't feel like talking about it. BUT, I have a lot of plans this fall and things to look forward to (I might be going to spend a day shopping in Chicago soon!!!) and I'm going to continue to work at the store and help my youth group.
This is not one of those ordeals where I am going to keep not going because I stayed home one semester and I just don't feel like going back. I am very persistant  about school. So noooo feeling sorry or sad or disappointed for me. OK? OK! :] Thanks for listening.

Now that THAT part of the post is over, Onto the fashion. :D
If anyone had never heard of Dsquared^2 before The Rachel Zoe Project, they had definitely heard of the Caten brothers' genius by now. Brad, Rachel's former Style Director, consistently dressed to the nines mostly to the thanks of this brilliant label. And why not? They're fun, young, and fresh as well as clean and chic. There's no question that they-if not already-are legends in the making. I just love their Resort 2012 collection. Maybe it has to do with my infatuation with the seventies, but even though a lot of designers focused on more contemporary fashion for their Resort 2012 collections, I couldn't help but be inspired while trolling through the collection on If you know me, you are absolutely sure that I love a good jacket. So naturally, I was crazy about the color block trench and the color block leather-tweed jacket. Everything is so fun! I can't wait to dress girls like this at work. Have a look for yourself.

Just the thing to brighten up your Monday, eh?
I'm thinking of re-doing my room and bathroom.
They need work.
I'll be back with a post on that soon.
You all are wonderful.


  1. Hey honeypie. Well, school isn't the 'be all and end all' of life. Skipping a semester doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to be doing anything to fill your time. I mean, sounds to me like you're already planning quite a mammoth interior design project :)

    DSquared - Their clothes are certainly vibrant and well-cut but I'm not a fan of them as people. I first became aware of them on the Fashion House documentary and they were quite rude to Gareth Pugh :P I love Gareth. Hard.

    I'm glad you felt you could be honest about your plans. x

  2. i love the way all these are styled. the messy hair looks great with the clean lines and color.


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