Friday, June 24, 2011

To Dreamers, There is Never Such a Place as FarAway

Hello Dollies!
Ive been waiting to post again until I could upload pictures from my trip, but unfortunately that will have to wait a bit longer.
In case youre wondering, I ever cleaned my room.
I did in fact sit in front of the computer for hours upon a little lump with no life-just as I said I was going to do. *sigh* life goes on. :] Or at least the one that it doesnt seem like I have. :p
Tomorrow, I get 50% off of my purchase at work. I love working for this company. And Ive got a pile Im excited about buying. :]

I need to finish writing a sermon. Im writing it on the secret place. A place of refuge found in God. In case you didnt know, I want to preach. And my dad has asked me to start preaching on Sunday nights. Yes, I want to preach and be involved in fashion somehow. And lots of other stuff. I want to be a stylish preacher. Someone has to help show women you CAN dress beautifully and be modest! I believe in it with my whole heart. :)

So now, onto the reason why im here. I just stumbled across Moschino's 2012 Resort Collection. IT IS GORGEOUS. I love the colors, patterns, fabrics, lengths, jackets, skirts, dresses...BASICALLY EVERYTHING INVOLVED.

Inspiration: Truman Capote's 1966 Black and White Ball.

Super Classic and Chic.
If only those red plaid pants came in a pencil skirt! Die!
P.S. if they seem in an odd order, Blogger+My computer are being weird. Ignore that. I'm so tired of changing it, I can't do it anymore.
Anywho,I might just have to be ahead of the game by a whole year and wear something inspired by this 2012 collection soon.
How do you feel about it, loves?
Leave me some kisses


  1. Oh, I love the 3rd outfit! So retro mod with a contemporary twist!


  2. hello :) yeahh i am a born again christian, that´s right :) but i don´t quite get ur question, if we have the same view?! there is only one way, right ;) and that is through jesus!! :) sure i´d love to follow u if u follow me back ;)

  3. wow, just found your blog darling! i SOO love it! im now following!!

    how awesome that you started preaching! that is sooo inspirational to me. do you plan to put some of your words up on blogger? that would be so great :) i hope youre having a great weekend! i hope to see you visit me at my blog some time!

    love, jamie

  4. Anonymous25 June, 2011

    Thank you! :) This collection is very great.

  5. thanks for the comment sweetie! following you back now..great post by the way! cheers!

  6. Beautiful outfits all of them! I would wear every single one!:)

    Stories and Sequins

  7. i love this Moschino collection, so glad you posted it! the red gingham jacket + pants and those tulle skirts are just insanely gorgeous.
    ps thanks for the lovely comment - i'm glad you like my coat cause i sure do too!

  8. Anonymous26 June, 2011

    PS I hope you like it :)

  9. Wow, gorgeous post, darling! I love the very last dress and red and white suit!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  10. they're all gorgeous, love them all :)

  11. Hi Madi, thanks for the great comments on my blog. I'm glad to see your blog. I like your goal of showing people that you can dress beautifully and still be modest. Who doesn't love that, I hate it when a woman puts it all out there on display. Nice to meet you!


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