Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clothes Horse

SO GORGEOUS. I think I need to DIY a few of those. *Sigh*
I think its a laptop or Ipad case but how amazing would that be as an oversized clutch?! I might would even add a pearl or diamond brooch.

And let me add that brooch is the proper way to spell that word. Someone pleeeassseee agree!!
I love spelling it that way, too.
No taking the easy way out and spelling it B R O A C H.

On a different note, My mother lost the USB cable for the camera and I have to find it before I can blog my trip! Which is frustrating because I want to share so much!!!

I also add way to many exclamation marks in a post...


Nevertheless, there is plenty to share and do. Im off today and I have typed this the night before to ensure that I WILL clean my room and not spend countless, shameful hours on the computer....

K Im done.

And I will finally decide to get rid of all of the clothes I do not wear. I feel like I could clothe a third world country with all of the clothes I don't wear. There's so much, I feel really overwhelmed looking at my piles. What are some suggestions for selling clothes online if any of you have done it before? I dont want to have a yard sale, because here, people only want to pay $1 and $2 for nice dresses and like 50 cents for a shirt. Platos closet doesnt take my clothes because "Theyre too dressy". So I was thinking about selling some online maybe? Idk. I might be just getting in over my head with that.

Boy, I feel like talking on here about lots of stuff. HOWEVER, I will spare you all the eyeball strength and end this post. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL wednesday and feel adorable while doing it. :] Every single one of you are loved!

Ill probably be back later to spend hours surfing blogs.
You couldnt really expect me to not. ;)
Ciao! <-Last one I promise :p


  1. it's so funny - I think we are all doing "spring cleaning" right now - I just want to make "room" in my closet, rooms, house, etc. Such a tiring process though... Can't wait to see yor travel pics!!

  2. I love the clutch, it's so pretty and I'm so fond of florals. Ps I always spell 'brooch' like 'brooch' too, so I think you're right there.

    With regards to selling your clothes, you could do it online. It depends if you have to pay for postage as well, then it might be expensive and you might not get much of a profit. You could set up an etsy store and link it to your blog, I think that's a good idea but maybe it's because I'm obsessed with checking out etsy stores owned by some bloggers :-P.


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  4. What a gorgeous clutch, darling!


  5. Wow! It's really gorgeous!

  6. Nice clutch!

  7. Awesome clutch :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  8. thank you!

    And have a great week too (:

  9. such a great blog! Am very happily following now


  10. Haha, I really really enjoyed reading your post! It really lightened up my seemingly terrible night.

    Confession: I spend too much time.. Well, practically ALL my time on the computer. :\ Heh.

    I started selling my old clothes online but I got too tired and bored after a while. I wanted an easy way to get rid of them. So after a few months, they're all back in my closet. Haha.I really, really need to clear it all up. Though I hate the feeling of being upset 'cos I used to be skinnier and all that sort. I can't fit most of 'em anymore! :\ But this also gives me reason to get more new clothes. Haha.

    Have a great day, Madison! x

  11. Wow, I really like the oversize clutch! :) Is worth a DIY-Project! :)

    Thanks for dropping by my Blog and your lovely Comment! :)
    Follow me if you want! :)

  12. I would love it as a laptop case

  13. Hey :) thank you for visiting me and your comment!
    Your blog is so cute and interessting! Love it! Follow you now ;)


  14. Great post :-)

    xoxo Michaela


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