Monday, June 27, 2011

Do The Creep

Good Monday. :]
I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!
Mine wasn't without difficulty, I wont lie. But I'm staying positive. Thats what ya gotta do sometimes. Its a new day.
Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. It really put a smile on my face! I read every single comment and I appreciate them immensely. Every one of you who comment follow or even simply read are awesome.

I haven't finished the sermon yet, but I will put it up when its finished for those who want to read it. I got a request for it and I'd be happy to share. You can leave me feedback on it and let me know what you think. And Im very down to earth. I like to hear honest feedback.

So, Yesterday, I wore this new top that I got at Cherish during my trip to Texas. My friend Bethany brought peaches that she picked herself to sell at church. I'm telling you right here and now that fresh picked peaches are ten times better than the kind you get in your produce aisle. I dont know how, but they were juicier and sweeter THAN ANY OTHER PEACH I'VE EVER HAD. <3 I heart peaches. If you have an orchard in your town, GO! Go with a sweetie or your girlfriends and spend the day picking peaches. You wont regret it :] This is my first outfit post in a while. Ive been wanting to incorporate more outfit posts into this blog. Sorry for the bad quality. They were taken on a phone. All thanks to T.J. though for being my photographer. :] He's one of my bff's. Love Him.

Top: Cherish Skirt: The Limited Shoes(Which got drenched in Sprite yesterday! Im so mad): Charlotte Russe Trench: Dots Purse(Permanently borrowed from my mother): Kathy Van Zeeland

Well you guysss Im off to work! :]
Have a good day.


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2011

    Great outfit!
    Cool pics!

  2. hi pretty!!!
    lobve ur nude tshirt!!!
    kisses from
    hope you like my blog! ;)

  3. thank you, your comment was so sweet. it brought a smile to my face and definitely made me feel better. sure i'll follow :)

  4. That trench is to die for!


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