Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alberta Ferretti

Free People

Greetings from Dallas!!
I hope you've all had a wonderful Father's day!
My father is amazing. I love him soo much!!

We've had a great time here in Dallas and its our last night.
I have so many fashion stories to share and some great pictures.
You're going to love some of these stories.
Theyre really dear. <3
They will be coming soon!

Sadly, I did not get to go to Zara. For some reason, it was just so HARD for my family to take me. LOL. BUT that's ok because I did buy some really adorable things at Nordstrom Rack and this cute shop called Cherish. I can't wait to share them.

One of the things was a sweater. Which brings me to this post...

Holy Sweaters. No not sanctified sweaters. Sweaters with holes. :p Holey sweaters. They've been in style for a while, but I've just now hopped on the bandwagon and bought one. I loveeee it. I've already got about 2 r 3 different outfit ideas in my head for it. One of the looks I especially love is that above from Alberta Ferretti spring 2011. You put the sweater with a maxi dress or skirt-preferably a printed one. I adore this look. I encourage everyone to try it.

I also love the look by Free People above, with chunky boots. I can't wait to transition this into fall. Lets face it. I live in the south and its so hot I would die wearing a pair of boots. But for some reason right now, cowboy boots seem fine...

Im off now to watch Khloe and Lamar with my brother's girlfriend who has been a doll this entire trip. (We've both been sick but we've toughed it out together! Were going to chill by the pool later.)

Have you purchased a holey sweater?
Whats your favorite look to wear with one?
Leave me some feedback, darlings!
Have a blessed, fabulous Sunday!
Love to all of you!


  1. can't wait to hear some of your fashion stories...:) great editorial post!!

  2. I love how they pair the sweater with a maxi skirt but i am so in summer mood right now (as everyone in Greece), i cant think anything but swimsuits and sunglasses!
    Thank u for your lovely comment on my blog! Following you too! xx

  3. Hi Madison (what a lovely name, btw !), thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog ! I haven't bought a holey sweater yet but your post made me want to buy one :). I have a holey top I have also posted on my blog, it's more a sort of lace top tho. I'd love it if you followed my blog, I will follow back of course. Kisses

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  4. thanks for comment

    lovely blog

    follow you


  5. I'm in love with those flowy long skirts! They're so dreamy and sweet.

    Chilling by the pool sounds absolutely great right now. It's superbly hot here in Malaysia. x

  6. i can't bought a holey sweater but i've definitely wanted to! they're so cute! definitely love the alberta ferretti outfits so pretty! glad you had a great father's day and definitely am trying to work to make money so i can go shopping!! lol

  7. The first outfit is beautiful! I love the contrast between the sweater and the ethereal dress! (or skirt that is!) Alberta Feretti's collections are always so feminine!

    Stories and Sequins

  8. Amazing blog! What about following each other?:D kisses <3 <3

  9. Hi Madi,thank you for your lovely comment. Elisabeth and James is definitely something to get excited about, such a gorgeous line! I absolutely love this flower ipad case. I definitely think I may have to try to make a similar one for myself. Oh brooch is definitely the way to go! haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hopefully you'll be by again soon!

    x mc (my main blog) (my art + illustration blog)


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