Thursday, June 16, 2011

Orange You Glad Its Summer?

Hanelli Musaparta in Acne

Maybe it's the fact that I'm now in Texas and the Longhorns are here(not that Im even a fan), or maybe it's the fact that it is summer, but I am totally feelin' orange.
I've got a crush on Orange and I'm head over heels at this very second.
Frank Sinatra apparently said it is the happiest color.
I agree. It puts me in a good mood instantly!
Prada showed orange, Erin Featherston showed orange, and so did other designers. However, I cant take the time to search because my little brother is fighting me for the laptop to watch some mma fight. I just rolled my eyes. Imagine it for added effect.

It looks amazing, though. How do you feel about Orange ladies and gentleman?
Is it crush-worthy or is it only convict-worthy?
Let me know what you think!!
Ill be by the pool. B)

Have a great Friday!!


  1. Orange can be cute if worn correctly. I have a hard time wearing so I normally lean more towards coral myself.

  2. really cute mod dress!! and thanx for the recent comment girl...look forward to seeing more of your post :)

  3. I love Hanneli :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. So glad you found me! Hope you keep coming back!



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