Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Sure You Wanna Play These Games?


i dont like my friends having broken hearts.
i'm a tough girl.
those mean ole boys better watch out.
&the ones tryna play with my head don't know who
theyre messin with.
im madison freaking m*****

Sophie Holmes.Volt Magazine. Spring 2010.
Fidna go to church. Ready to re-style my whole wardrobe
and buy a wwhhhhoollleee lotta new pieces.  <3

After seeing this today, I think Im ready to mix some metallics.
Much Love.
Holla at ya guh.

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  1. just got in an argument with my STUPID boyfriend...sooo i am really feeling what you said at the beginning of this post..besides all thatI love this editorial...puffy sleevesn are so cute...her hair is amazin'...


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