Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everybody's on the Food Chain, Funny.

Whitney Port Spring 2010 line. :] I do just heart these photos. Alot of people thought that her line was way overpriced, but I think if she's trying to be a serious designer the prices are fine. I know its the fabrics she uses that are more expensive. I cant tell you that these pieces would have me dashing to the store like mad and pushing people out of my way, like others have. But I am proud of her for getting out there. What do you think?

 Im craving some blueberry tarts today. Think I will stop by the bakery on the way to work tonight. So loves, have you ever noticed that when youre trying to AVOID dating, all the guys in the world try to be by your side? And the minute you become interested, or when you do want to date, theyre all taken or uninterested? I hate that. Right now, I am the former. And these crazy boys are confusing me. I know, I know. Guys are easy! But the ones I know are mad confusing. They just like to play games, dolls. ARGHHH. So if Im trying to avoid dating why does it matter? Because I just so happen to have started liking them more than I originally thought I ever would. Hello, Heartbreak.

Off to glam it up
Tell me a secret.


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