Friday, April 30, 2010


From JoZee's twitter.
This is pretty ridiculously delicious.
I could eat those shoes.
Today's payday.
Got some stuff I wanna buy.
Totally lovin some dresses I found lately.
And like 982375128907 shoes I tried on yesterday <3
Got some things on my mind.
Yeah, I know what I want in life.
I know where Im goin.
Ti=his doesnt make any sense to you guys probably.
Done with all those little boys' games
Gimme a man whos focused you feel me?
Gimme a man who knows how to be a man.
But right now?
I dont need a man.
I want fashion.

Currently Listening to:
Light Your Fire
-Kidd Neer, Senor Kaos & Fresh Daily

Lets get down.
Love all of you followers and commenters.
Plans for the weekend?
I want you to focus.
Do what youre passionate about.
What you know is right.

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