Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello Loves !
Ive gotten delinquent in my posting! 
For that, I am so sorry. Xoxo
I have been real stressed and busy but I need to get back.
One can never stray from fashion blogging too long. :]
Its in one's heart!
Now...on to other business....
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
The Fifth of May.
Yes, today is my birthday!
How old am I turning???
No longer a teen. *sigh*
Im ready to party!! :]
I dont know what Im doing really.
I know.
Im super lame.
Something at least involving Sushi, Downtown, My Favorite People, Cheesecake, and The Runaways.
And Ive been wanting to wear white
for whenever it is that I decide to go out...
I think this look from Alex Perry's Spring 2010 show is magical :]
Lots of blinggggg

I think I will celebrate like this.....
Hana Soukupova
Tatler Russia May 2010
The images are too big to post the original size, so they are a tad blurry.
Click on them to see their full beauty! :D

*Sigh* One of my favorites in a long time :]
I recently have been looking and had the worst time shopping.
Everything I wanted was sold out!!
I seriously. almost.cried.
But then...
I got some amazing pieces...
got some shoes that remind me of the Burberry Prorsum SS 2010 shoes for 16.99!!
:D I cant wait to show you!
Well, dolls, Im offf! I love you all so much!


  1. Happy birthday my dear! Enjoy your special day! xoxo

  2. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, my love!! :)


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