Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

Love. :] Bonjour, friends. How was your weekend? Wonderful? Fabulous? A dream? Great! Im so glad! :] I hoped it was. Im once again learning so much about love. Loving more freely. It always feels so great, no? Its one thing to love freely, but its another,for me, to be more compassionate. Love one to another. Not just for another. Dont just have love for another, SHOW love TO another! And that includes showing compassion. You dont know personally what it feels like to go through someone's life. Be compassionate. Be tenderhearted. BE FIERCE BY BEING KIND. takes an awesome person, yes?  Jude 1:20

So lets get down to buiznazz with incomplete run-on sentences, like I do ALL the time. I told you I'd spill about this. Friday night, I went over some fraandss' house to watch some fashion films(which is a post in itself, so that will be on the agenda this week)and were all comfy in our pj's, calling boys and pretending to be "Janessa"-a ghetto men's doctor who just wants to find a good man-and somehow ended up racing over to John a friend who works meet her and her and the creative director at around 10 or 11. He wasnt cute at all, despite our hopes and eyelash curling in the car. As I walked into the man's office...I noticed....
Yes. The magazine that only comes out twice a year. I could not believe my eyes. Even if it was fall 09. Ive never held one of these. Ive only seen pictures inside of the spring 2010 issue via Susie Bubble who also wrote a piece for that issue ! Is she not just seriously cool? Anyway, it was glorious. I tried to threaten the creative director-who shall remain nameless- into getting me a subscription or at least giving me that issue since he doesnt even look at them...He said no. cant blame a girl for tryin right? ;) HOWEVER, he and my friend did let me walk the catwalk because Im dork enough to ask. Brianna skipped down the runway. It was SO FUN!

Then we went for amazingness at 11 or 12. The guy and I talked buisness and fashion, but i was totally creeped out by him at first. It turned out to be pretty interesting though. He worked at a versace show, once supposedly. Somehow I thought my friend told him "you just think with your dipstick!" Hahaha. I was dying but trying to stare disapprovingly. She was talking about a commercial, but I was totally agreeing with that statement. Very cool guy, though, in the end. If youre ever in the memphis area, hit up Sekisui. SO AMAZING. <3 andthatshowweroll
Now, my darlings. For the rest of my weekend in snapshots.

Love these two...and that print
Ebony and ivory
<3 handshakes.
Some people are awesome but so fun to mess with :] and I dont let them know how
much I actually do love them until the laaaast second. :]
but I hearted ebony's ring more.
Too bad you can't see the detail of the bling.
But when I make my attempt to steal it and take a decent picture you will :p
And besides work, sunday afternoon, thats my weekend. I know. Im boring right?
My posts will be much more exciting this week.
You and I have much to talk about, dears.
HAve you started shopping for Easter? Im going to beat someone up if I dont find something.
I know, Im totally showing love like I talked about right?
Love y'all.
Raggedy Lil Guh

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  1. Looks like some fun shots. Hope you have a happy week.


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