Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shiniest Booty

Tommy Ton from JakandJil Photographs Street Style @ New York Fashion Week for Style.com
every image has an edge. every image makes me drool. Lots of inspiration here.
I would be proclaiming a half-truth to say that its his genius which inspires me..and you know, his genius is part of it..but really, its the genius of the people in his photographs. its their style that grabs me. thats what he's capturing. his eye is amazing though. italian fashion week photos are just as exciting, and delicious, if not more delectable. I love to see the differences in style from location to location. Different, yet all gorgeous, nonetheless.

So what do you all think? And who inspires you? Is there anything new youre wanting to try for spring?
Arrghh! I totally am obsessed with pirate stuff-always have been-and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tonight. I seriously am going to be donning as many headscarves and maxi dresses as I can this season. I just love them, mates! ha Did you catch the title? yeah, Im talking about treasure, perverts! :p Im so lammeee

So guess what? Well...Im like only a couple of posts away from 100! W00T! Im thinking about...*gasp* you guessed it. A renovation for this blog. Idknowwwwww Ive got a few ideas Im tossing about...Like, more posts about news in fashion and recession friendly looks for less? Tricks up my sleeve to share with you all! We shall see. :O Any ideas on what you'd like your eyes to feast upon? I'd appreciate/love some feedback if you want to share.

And now mates, this be too long of a post so I'll cut it off before something else random pops into my brain.
I just wanted to say that I love y'all and, since most of you guys will see this on wednesday, I hope you all have a greeaaatttt day :] Kisses



  1. Well I think that a pirate style is super fun! Alas...The Chole collection this spring/summer has truly inspired me! All those army earth tones have me drooling and begging for more money!! I've been wearing all black this whole winter with a touch of mustard every now and then....im ready for some COLOR!

    love that post :)


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