Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best Dressed List

Helloooo. Isnt today a great day? I love Tuesdays. Theyre pretty much always great. What is your favorite day? So, once again, I come to you with a best dressed list. Oh how I love these! :] Ive been pretty inspired lately, and I keep saying that even though you all haven really seen any product of my inspiration...but it IS coming. So take a look at thisssssssss. Carey Muligan and her little fashion debuts are takin my B-REATH AWAY! She is awesome! All of these are awesome.

Vogue's Best Dressed Week of 03.01.2010
I didnt include 7. because it was cool, but I didnt like it as much as the other's.

IN other news, guess who's going to be working for Diane Von Furstenberg? Gucci's women designer, Yvan Mispelare!! I think thats going to be pretty exciting, as I admire both! However, Im wondering who will take her place at Gucci...We shall see...

Well,dolls, Paris Fashion Week starts TODAY! If only I didnt have to go get ready for work.
I miss you all. I miss taking more time to blog. BUT I WILL be back! Have a great day!!

Ever fashionablly Yours,


  1. love alexa, and natalia vodianova (not really her dress, a bit weird, but she's pretty anyway)


  2. Gorgeous ~ especially Natalia!



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