Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I can't believe we thought he died, and here he is back from the dead" "Oh Darling, Donna Karen does it every few years"

Donna Karen's siggy label is turning Tw2ntyF5ve! I fondly remember my first Donna Karen New York skirt...*tear* I still wear it and love it. Well, break out the champgane and silver rimmed glasses darlings  because she made fabulosity for fall 2010! Though her pre-fall collection featured lots of colour, this one is more about dark classicsa with lots of juxtaposition of functional texture. She knows how to speak to my soul with ideas like "shearling laser-cut to resemble lace" She brought in "cocoon coats with sculptural shawl collars and short bubble skirts in tactile wool and double organza." My God, I'm dying for one of her sack coats! Ang get out with that electric blue cape. I'm thinking the whole fall thing is going to be all about textures. Nubby textures. And Im totally inspired for a leather jacket in a fun sihlouette.  Her front row sirens included Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore, and Brooke Shields. Instead of blah blah blahing on and on about everything you could have read on style.com, Ill just let you have a looksie for yourself! Ive got a couple of  DIY ideas flowing thru my brain from this collection.

Happy Anniversary DK!


  1. this collection is heaven.

  2. I love Donna Karen too! Always great! Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment! (-:


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