Friday, January 22, 2010

Cascade into Spring with a flowy, flirty maxi. I'm so glad theyre back in for spring. Lately, I can't get enough! These days, they're popular in chiffons, florals, prints, and of course, stripes. Lovely!!


image via Couure Carrie

image via Captivate Me

I love this image of Nichole Richie. <3 She looks like a beach goddess!

I'm also thinking about these shoes from work (Charlotte Russe) 34.99

Well, dolls, I'm off to work. Thank you for all the well wishes for my grandmother. I so appreciate it. Her surgery went well, and she is doing quite fine. :] I might look for something to get her today.
Such a classy woman. She is one of my style icons.

Until later, loves!!




  1. ahh so much eye candy! i love the last pair of sandals. and that white chloe dress- i actually saved that photo awhile ago because that's just what i'd want my wedding dress to look like someday. ~joelle

  2. madi.
    if your looking for ideas for a new post..the golden globes were this past sunday, and everyone looked gorgeous.
    chloe sevingey [totally butchered her last name] were a valentino gown that you have picture in this post.


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