Wednesday, January 20, 2010

and you've got me coming undone

My collection is growing :D
(Teen Vogue Handbook, Style: A to Zoe, and You Know You Want It)
This was an amateur photoshoot I did yesterday after it rained. <3 It was so pretty outside.
I am SO ready for spring :]
Like I said before, lots of inspiration.
I still havent bought the dress I mentioned yesterday, so, I'm pretty proud of myself...
Already feeling tempted,LOL,
I just found out that Zac Posen is doing a line for target
Cant wait to post more about that later.
Unfortunately, my grandmother is in the hospital right now and has to have a pacemaker put in.
I know that she'll be fine. I have the utmost faith.
However, still keep not only her in prayer but my family as well.
My mother and I both got sick over stressing out.
Today (thursday) is the surgery and I suppose I should go on to bed so I can go to the hosp. l8r.
Goodnight, loves. :] Before I go, here is a sketch I did from Zoe's book while'st mumsy and I were visiting gma in l'hopital earlier. It's not that great, as it looks like her teeth are all janky. Lol. I'm rather fond of it, still.
I also met the coolest guy today who's a local college art teacher and I was brimming with so many questions!! But, like an IDIOT, I didnt ask him for any contact information. GAH. im kicking myself...Im considering tracking him down..I wonder if it'd be stalker-ish...hmm


  1. Gorgeous look, darling! Loving the multiple stripes!


  2. so cute and whimsical.

  3. First, your headband is absolutely adorable. Second, you are an amazing artist - loving that sketch!! :)

  4. Love the headband and the 2 different stripes- great contrast! Hope your grandmother is doing well and hope your surgery went well. I'm excited for the Zac line- have never bought a Target collaboration piece before! Is that a drawing you did? It's so rad! xo, mel


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