Saturday, January 23, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Darlings these images are sooo perfect! (Except for the heinously thin models. They do look sickly...I cant believe I wanted to look like that. Dolls, no matter what you look like-even if youre naturally that thin. I really mean that I cant believe I wanted to change my body-love yourself. If you've got curves, be proud of em. If you've got a tiny body, be proud of it. If your junk in the trunk is more baggage than anyone can handle, shake that thang! As long as youre healthy. Nothing is sexier than confidence. And I think every man can agree to that).
But I just love,love, LOVE burberry's spring '10 line.
'Tis what Im craving. Goreous.
That pink trench coat is killer and all that draping is faaaaabbbb.
Have fun this weekend, and be safe.
P.S. I am loving that new song by Alecia Keys. "and it was new yooorkkk, neww yooorrkk!" Empire State of Mind, I believe it is called. :] Every time they play it at work, I imagine that I live there and I'm the chicest, coolest chic in the universe. hahahah. Im so lame.


  1. Love the burberry show this season. gorgeous trench coats.

  2. i love, love, love burberry! :)


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