Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Third time's a charm!

I cant stop posting today but I just wanted to post some outfits. I wore soft pink/peach and blue bc I was inspired by a friend ;] But i did blue jean instead of navy blue like I normally do...

am i in a bath

And here's what I wore to church tonight. I made the hat!!! :] I also wanted to get into some mischief today. Unfortunately, the only mischief I could conjur up today was giving awful dressed customers looks behind their backs and taking pictures by the mens bathroom during the first part of service. And of course pretending to pull the fire alarm.DARN!!
(Im surprised my clumsy self didnt trip and really pull it)

Jacket,open cardigan, skirt-f21.
purple tights you cant see-payless
boots-charlotte russe.

Im realy happy leather jackets are in for guys and girls. LOVE mine. :] Till next time babes!


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