Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love is Crazy Pretty Baby Take it Real Slow My Feelings Show

yes that is the loo.
That is my red coat. I adored it today.
Except..I got back into pink mode and bought some pink for myself for christmas.
Only problem is, I was at the mall on my day off. Im SUCH a mall rat.
But good deals were to be had.

In other news, the other day when I was hanging with brianna-and of course we were at the mall, bc we both work there and Im a mall rat, I saw this family. The dad's on the bench texting. LOOK AT THEM!!

Aws. Adorable. Im super tired. xox.
night night.


  1. I love the red coat! It looks really cute with your hat.

  2. that red coat is gorgeous! i love it with all the black and white layers in your outfit. ~joelle

  3. Gorgeous coat, I also have red one!
    And of course you can loan them, just mention that I scanned them.

    juliet xxx

  4. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love your coat!



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