Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I know its cheesy, but I couldnt resist a rendition for the eyes. :]
One of the colours Im craving right now is RED. From scarlett to bright blood red...Nothing is better. Burgundy is also in right now and I adore it. I never really wore it alot but it flatters everyone I think.
My favorite thing to do is pair it with black or gold.


I bought this red coat from F21 over thanksgiving. I havent worn it because its so much prettier in person and Im afraid Im going to ruin it.
But I WILL wear it! today I think..or at least some shade of red.
A pic of course to come later.
I have a lot to do!
I need to make a list.
I love making lists.
I will make a list for anything.
I also like scrapbooking and half of my pages have lists on them.
Maybe Ill post some layouts sometime.
Alright,loves. Im outie.
bc Im totally not lame.


  1. I love this :) red is both firey and cozy at the same time, and I love your new coat!


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