Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Isnt She Pretty in Pink?

SO it feels late because Im really tired but its not too late...and I AM CRAVING PIE!!!!!!!! MM pieee *homer simpson drool*

Anyway,  Pink has been on my mind alot lately. Not just any pink...SOFT pink. Even nudey pink. Chanel featured soft pink in their fall 09 line and I was beyond mesmerized. Ive always loved pink,except more hot pinks really; but now..I adore and appreciate the softness of this pale hue.

Its so feminine and pretty, but dont stop there! Toughen it up with a leather jacket for a chic look.   My favorites to pair it with have been black and grey/silver. Gold and cream are also gawgess. Dress it up, dress it down but tickle yourselves pink, ladies!

Left, Chanel 09 Right, f21



Charlotte Russe, stompin grounds, has a pretty pink tutu-esqu skirt. Its too short for meee but someone please buys it and send me a pic of you wearing it!!


As for men...I always thought pink was alluring IF done right. A pink tie, a pink shirt. Very overdone  in the past but right now I havent seen it and Im thinking I could go for a man in a soft pink tie no? yum. Even the Donald wears one...but dont you guyses be gettin any narsty ideas over theresss...Im just sayin he wears one!! LOL!

What do you think? Pink or Pink? :]

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  1. I absolutely adore soft pink, although I don't know how much it adores me (not quite sure whether it works with my skin tone). But I love pairing it with grays or blues or to just soften an outfit. Thanks for posting these lovely pics!


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