Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some People Got It Some People Dont...

Im one of those people who either starts thinking something is ahhmazing and then is over it before everyone starts loving it, OR starts loving something about forever after everyone else loves it. *shrugs*

Im totally into Olivia Palermo! I used love to not be able to stand her. But NOW...I love her. Not only is this American socialite really pretty (and has awesome taste in foooiiinnneee boys(NO that is NOT all I think about..] lemme juss add)  the girl can DRESS. Its almost like I see a reflection of myself in her. :p I totally get it. Her hair alone is just gorg.

You may not have asked for a photo overload of her..but thats what Im giving you.  :]

The only thing I dont get is WHAT IS THE FREAKING NAME OF HER BOYFRIEND IS!!! IS IT JOHANNES HUEBL OR BRAD LEINHARDT?! bc the boy in the pics is tagged with both names all over the internet!

She has always reminded me of a giraffe...But like..totally in a good way. She's got a tall petit figure. She has grace in the way she carries herself.

Adorned in statement necklaces to bags to fur she effortlessly layers the right mix without looking as if she is too put together or trying to hard. I hear she and the golden jew are to appear on the cover of Japanese Elle.
What do you think? Worthy of the cover?

Inspired? I know I am.
Ill post pics of some new clothes I bought.
Later, Loves.
xo <3 xo


  1. i love her style! so cute. she got me into skinny belts with long cardigans(:
    love your blog
    follow you!

  2. The outfits are pretty!

    xoxo, thn

  3. Totally agree, she has awesome style and a totally hot bf to match.


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