Monday, December 7, 2009

I prefer *geek chic*

*sigh* Today was quite a day....
OK :] Im ready for fashion.
STORY: Recently, I asked a boy to guess my style...and he guessed "preppy nerd" or something like that. I told him I was into everything(because I am) and the only stereotypical thing he could call me-no matter how lame it sounds-would be fashionista.(He had no clue what that was.:] ) What he didnt know though was that its one of my latest OBSESSIONS! I am so into that preppy nerd look, I bought a pair of prescription nerd glasses...I am all about some preppy and nerd looks..

Its not really nerd but its still got that prep school touch. Its seriously delicious. Guys and girls clothes here are both very awesome. Very early Chuck Bass imo.
I really like how they've incorporated the current trends in with the classic looks. I mean, yeah its expected and theyre going to do that, but...I just really like this. Its more on top of fashion than what Ive seen with preppy brands lately.
AND you can even create your own rugby wear! Teen Vogue featured an add for creating your own rugby sweater..since then..I was hooked. A bit expensive for me. :[ DIY maybe?? :D

As far as the mens clothing...No colored pants or cuffs please. But I am all about those vests, plaid shirts, rugbies, peacoats, and sweaters! <3

Apparantly, Rugby was launched in 2004! Am I the only one not aware of this??
Check out the rest I couldnt post everything. lol.
What do you think? Are you into this line?

Gosh I am so tired. Night Night loves. xo.


  1. Those yellow pants take that gorgeous boy, and make him look fat. tsk tsk.

    other than that I love these looks.
    Not my personal style. Im more grunge, but adorable!

  2. haha i know right, mel? And youve always hated yellow anyway.

  3. I love these. This is definitely right up the alley of what I love. Thanks for posting these photos. Great clothes.

  4. yeah, I have a thing for preppy looks too:) And Rugby never fails to look amazing and cute!


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