Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunday: OOTN

Good Afternoon, darlins! 
I hope your weekends were fabulous and your Mondays have been nothing short of relaxing and inspiring. Forgive me for not posting again, sooner. I have a few exciting vlogs for you all but I'm in the process of editing and compiling and Ive been quite sick. :( So hopefully they'll be up soon and I can get back in the groove of this little fun adventure! 
Anyway This Sunday night, I got a bit dressed up for service. This was Faith and I. We like to play dress up.

I always like Sunday Night services here in Indy. My outfit was 
Suit-Bill Blass New York 
Python heels-Target
Real snakeskin clutch-Vintage, my mom's
Ruffle shirt-Charlotte Russe

I will be back to give you more, loves. Have a fabulous  Monday afternoon! 

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  1. Playing dress up is fun! Thanks for sharing this post.


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