Sunday, September 29, 2013

Im BACK!!!

Hi guys! So, Im finally back from a one? two? year blogging hiatus. I absolutely HATED being gone for so long! Writing this blog was such a lovely and enjoyable experience and I have definitely missed it. I actually dropped my laptop down a ladder and annihilated it. :) (dont ask) So for a long time I was unable to blog and to be honest, life was happening so much. However,  the entire time I have been absent, I have still kept up with fashion and I am too enchanted with this thing to let it go. So I am back and I am ready to go.

I cant wait to start blogging again and documenting what really inspires me so that my friends can get a break from my constant fashion ramblings and obsessing. I'm wanting to get in to videos and a lot of more ootd's, as well as some product reviews and interiors.  However, Im not sure if I want to keep this blog or just make a fresh blog. I've even thought about doing only vlogging. Who knows? So do let me know in the comments what you guys think.

In  the meantime, here are some things going on with me to get reaquainted with you and to get to know any new comers that would somehow stumble upon this humble musing.

I am Madison, otherwise known as, Madi.
I am 23.
My style is classic, glamourous, vintage, hippie. Yes...all those things. I am a bit of a melting pot, really.
I am from Memphis, Tn but I go to school in Indianapolis, In at Indiana Bible College.
I am a junior and a major in Biblical Studies with a minor in Worship Studies (music)
I am a shopaholic and I do admit that with no desire to stop. :)

Here are a few photos of myself from a few weeks ago when I went to one of my favorite antique markets in Indy. It was still pretty hot, and there was no air in this place. I almost fainted.
My boyfriend is in the background. He picked out this lovely industrial rolling table. He has quite good taste, I have to admit. I was very shocked when I found out he likes antiques. His family were missionaries to Scotland about ten years ago. They had tea time every Sunday afternoon after service. ( I know...I was  so jealous.) So any time spent in Europe I imagine would leave one with even a grain of good taste.

He just left for the army national guard last Monday. I miss him. :, ( But I got a letter from him already so I was happy. And then we went to a flower shop where he posed and modeled the flowers. Then, we went to Shapiro's where the pies and cakes are insanely good. I can never resist a picture of desserts!

If anyone is interested, here are the details of my outfit,
Hat-gift fromy dad
Cardi-LC Laueen Conrad
Dress-Half of Half
Shoes-Charlotte Russe

So anywhoo, I hope you enjoythe pictures. There's plenty of fashion coming this way. Do comment and let me know what you guys think. Ill be awaiting. You have been sorely missed. Cant wait to hear from you.

P.S. Its fall!! :) Enjoy your October!



  1. Welcome back, darling!
    Lovely pics and looks!


  2. hello lovely! Welcome back! You look so cute in that photo! Hope you've been well and wishing you a great week ahead!

  3. This is such a lovely post dear! I am so liking the outfit from head to toe. Already excited to see your future posts.

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  4. Hi Madison!
    Thx for stopping at my blog:o) You can look at my Instagram, there I've posted a picture of my finished sweater. It's made of a wool-mix.
    I'm looking forward to you being back:o)
    xx, Kirsten

  5. I am very glad to know that you are back blogging and came to visit.
    let´s keep in touch.


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