Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life is Better in Motion

Hello Blog.
It's been away too long...
And I can honestly say that I have been devastated to have been away for so long.
What can I say? My life as a college student is out of control.
But I won't lie. Part of the reason is because Pinterest is addicting.
*sigh* I'm a little ashamed of said fact. It's like I've cheated on my blog with some cheap floosy source of inspiration!!
I digress. The real reason I'm posting is not to catch you up on my life.  :)
 But having coming across this Chanel ad...I was all too inspired.
Chanel is once again taking a cue from the sports world.
(Remember the surf board?)
These pictures took my breath away.  It's everything I'm feelin' right now. via SportsStylist, Cindy Whitehead-who's blog, I must say, is so sicknasty. It makes me happy.Anyway.Back on topic.
P o e t r y , m y d e a r s.
This is so sick.
All I want to do right now is be o u t s i d e
Mainly at the beach.
But Ill take anywhere as long as its outside.
& that's whats up with me right now.
Happy Friday.

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