Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Can't We Seem to Hold it Togetherrrrrr?

It's been a while since I've blogged.
So much has passed.
It would PROBABLY take nearly an eternity to expound upon the subject of my absence.
Maybe I'll catch up whoever has decided out of the goodness of their hearts to still check on this blog  starting tomorrow.
Maybe I'm also a bad procrastinator.
I havent decided.

Just some thoughts that I need to get out: (I've seemed to have a lot of those lately)
Brace yourselves, folks.
Since when do we seem to just get tired of standing up and fighting for the right thing?
At what point does seeing things as how they should be become adolescent?
Since when do we see things as how they are and just decide to not care?
The mature thing shouldn't be to forget about it all and just go with the flow.
The grown-up thing that we should be teaching our kids is to fight for what you believe in and stand up for morals and values and treating people right.
Thats what should be happening but its like less and less people care and they want to justify it with their selfishness and laziness.
Get up out of your selfish self and stand up for the right thing.
Stop being a contradiction and hurting people.
You have more of an influence than you think.
You have the power to make a great difference in your world and not caring is a cop out.
You still have to do the right thing even when its not convenient for you and even when you dont feel like it.
Because thats what we all need. Its what this world needs.
And it doesnt mean you're the same as some spirited young person who people view as being blinded by their passion or zeal for beliefs and convictions.

But why is it that there are even movies about young people who try to fight for good things and stand up for right things and the leaders who SHOULD BE behind them are some of their adversaries?
Is it because as a young person one is  between choosing the right thing that one was taught about as a child and choosing to just not care because as an adult you compromise to get what you want?
Im not trying to be judgy.
Im saying we have to decide we will be greater than our predecessors and its going to take work.

What happened to true integrity?
Doing the right thing when noone's really looking-when youre not under a spotlight.
Get yourself together before you hurt someone watching you.

Well thats my random two am rant.
Read it.
Ponder it.
Take it to heart.
Do what you will.
Dont be afraid to comment.
I like feedback.
Ill keep fashion blogging, dont worry my loves.
 things are just supa craaaazzzy right now.
and Im working on it.
This was therapeutic though. I might do it again.
Until next time loves 

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  1. I am soooo crazy about this dress. Great pick!


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