Monday, November 7, 2011

Missoni Girl

Hat: Charlotte Russe, Safety Pin: F21, Jacket: Wet Seal, Dress:MissoniXTarget, Blouse:F21, Watch: Avon, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Tights: Payless, Loafers: Charlotte Russe
Happy Monday, Ladies and Gentlemen!
I hope that your weekend was grand and that you didn't get TOO crazy.
Who am I kidding, I hope you had a fabulous time.
I know I did.
Meanwhile, This is what I'm reduced to.
Taking pictures of my outfits in dressing rooms.
I wore this a few weeks ago and havent been able to post until now.
Wireless situation, blazzah blazzah.
Ironically enough, I'm in a Target dressing room.
<3 I couldn't love the MissoniXtarget line more.
It's so fun to play with.
And the watch is a replica of the Bvlgari snake watch. The funny thing is, I didn't even see the Bvlgari version until after I bought the Avon one. Of course, I screamed with joy when I saw it.
And I bought a new book this week and I cannot put it down! It's called Unclaimed Heart by Kim Wilkins and it's so good! So far at least. If you like historical fiction, then this is a treat. I've always been a fan of historical fiction for as long as I can remember, as well as the sea. So this book has been perfect for me. I would tell you what it's about but I kind of want you to look it up for yourself. All I shall mention is mystery, adventure at sea, possible piracy, tropical island, and a good lookin tall, dark, and handsome young man who comes into the picture. It's not one of those trashy romance novels, I am sorry to disappoint  you. However, if they don't end up together, I'm going to be in agony.
Check. It. Out.

Happy Monday
P.S. if you haven't been watching ABC's Once Upon a Time at least on-line...

 Basically, you'll be seeing Fairy Tales collide with the modern day world. After the marriage of Snow White and Prince Charming, the evil queen set a curse on all of the fairy tale characters and they are stuck in Storybrooke, Maine with no memory of who they really are and time is frozen still. Rumplestiltskin, of course, knows just how to break the curse. The only one who can save them is Emma Swan, Snow White's daughter,  who escaped the curse because SnowWhite put her through a magical wardrobe,after following the advice of the name-snatching rat that can't decide if he's good or bad, that sent her to the real world only minutes after being born as her only chance of escape, is brought to Storybrooke by the little boy she gave up for adoption ten years ago. And who would he have been adopted by? None other than the evil queen herself who is posing as the mayor of Storybrooke. He knows the truth and things are mysterious, messy, and out of control. It is one of the best shows out right now.There are new aspects brought to light and relationships that you didn't read about as a child. Definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before, including one of the best shows ever, The Tenth Kingdom. The people behind LOST, created this show. You won't be disappointed, I can assure you. I am already waiting for another episode!!  Watch full episodes online, here: just click Once Upon A Time.

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the shots! I have the same gold loafers and LOVE 'em! I bought 'em for $6.99 at Charlotte Russe !

  2. I love your bohemian style! "Once Upon a Time" is the best; I just got done watching the latest episode! =)

  3. awwww.. i looove the shots! reminds me of myself when no one wants to take my photos! haha.. the mirror solves it all, doesn't it?

    oh by the way sweetie, mind checking my blog? just wondering maybe u could follow me back? thanks heaps! ;)

  4. I haven't gotten around to what OUAT but I've heard great things about it.


  5. Hi , nice blog!
    I'm now following you , do the same if you like mine:
    Kisses Andy

  6. Ohh, I love your hat, love your dress, love your coat :))
    love everything about this look :)
    you look amazing :)


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