Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Dress Tuesday

Can we talk about how gorgeous Giambattista's 1st Couture line was?
It was epic. He really knows how to make beautiful clothes.
I actually had found my dream wedding dress in Vogue one time and it was custom made for someone by him. It was a full skirt covered in layers of tulle.
Then, the skirt came off for the reception to reveal a mermaid silhouetted gown that was so dreamy, I may have drooled all over the picture.
Here is a blurry pic and the black and white picture on the magazine page is what the dress looked like without the full skirt. *sigh*

I have dreamt and dreamt about that dress for my own wedding one day.
It seems all my mom and I talk about these days are weddings.
haha. If you ever read this, groomy, just know you are missed!
Anyway, more of Giambattista!!!
I seriously cannot get over his line.
I may be late on posting this but the second it was up, I had it saved.
This is what I will be daydreaming about today at work, while I'm getting fitting rooms and putting out new shipment.
 More on this line, later.
Im off to doll up for work.
Have a beautiful day, loves!
You are fabulous!

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