Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skirting Around

Hey dears! Youre lookin mighty fine. How is your life? Are you having fun this summer? I hope so. You deserve it.

But how are you all battling this heat? I'm telling you, it's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell here. That's just the south for ya.   Meanwhile....

I can't even begin to describe how much I'm loving bright colors lately. I colorblocked the other day. I wish I had of gotten a picture because it was adorable and so much fun! Even this weird older man stopped me on my break and told me I looked beautiful and could have been a model. I would have enjoyed it, had he not grabbd my hand with his own odly moist hand. *gag* Needless to say, I dashed away like mad and found a humungous bottle of hand sanitizer. Creepy Men always seem to find me. It never fails...

Anyway. I spy leopard print! Ohhh leopard print. Im so in love and craving it lately...Ill have to save a post for it. But just know I want it!
Anywhoooo this picture is amazing and every outfit is exquisite. Get inspired by this picture people!! Create an outfit based off of this picture.

While youre at it, just get yourself is big fabulous maxi skirt like that purple one!! Or these..
 image via
image via

 So cute! Except don't put it with a leather (or even worse, pleather! Those suckers dont breath. It's a hot tranny mess waiting to happen) jacket(as shown above) in this heat and die of a heat stroke. I would feel responsible and really bad for you and your bad, sweaty judgement. Stay cool, darlings!! I really think I am going to try one of those big baggy tees with it. It looks so comfortable and I could get away with it for class.

 I just bought a striped maxi skirt too. Except I'm on the short side...towering at just 5'0 and 3/4 of an inch. So that means cutting it. I always seems to botch these things up too. Do any of you ever have to cut your maxi frocks? Or do you just spend the money and have it altered?

Leave me some love darlings!
Have a happy thursday!



  1. I need to find one of these that doesn't make me look short

  2. So much wonderful inspiration here. LOVE that first pic.



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