Monday, October 25, 2010

"Never go for a guy who doesnt carry around a white handkerchief. If he doesnt, he's not a gentleman."-Bro. Mooney, Dean of Indiana Bible College

 Bonjourno. what a busy time! I have so much to share, blog lovers.  I recently joined my school's student newsletter to do a fashion section. I'm so excited to be working on this. Our first issue recently came out, and thats why I havent really posted in quite sometime-along with the other 83745279845 things Im working on. Boy! Who knew school could be so much work?! ;)

 Today the whole school attended a business seminar. Terry Bradshaw, Steve Forbes, Zig Zigler, Laura Bush, and Colin Powell spoke just to name a few. Very impacting and amazing. :]

It is almost 2 a.m. and I should be asleep right now but I wanted to leave you with a couple of snapshots of my life from the past few months. As I always say, more to come later. ;)

Same boots!

 Macy and I in singers, the singing group we made. Shes an awesome vocalist and pianist!
 Ladies and gents, I finally got my red dress. Ill post more pics later. ;]
 This was my express jacket. I have so much inspiration for this jacket.It just needs to get colder!
 Science of the Bible. I love these guys ^.^ I couldnt pay attention.
 Choir Practice! I wish I had a full pic of my outfit!I was wearing a bucket hat too. Brittany beside me is a cali girl and a great vocalist. One day, Im visiting her and were going to the land of Zoe
Midnight Photoshoot with my girls!

 IceSkating night. :] This topped off and incredible girls day.
 Concert on the circle. SO AMAZING. We resonated all through downtown indianapolis, praising and giving glory to God.

 Concert at University of Indianapolis. Can you spot me? :] P.S. This is only part of the choir.

Alright dolls. Its way past me bed time. Lots more to come and Im really wanting to do some outfit posts!
Have a good week!

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