Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, dolls, Im finally back from vacation. I hope that you all have been great and will forgive my lack of posts, as our resort did not have free wi-fi and I didnt want to keep getting online because I went over and have run up the bill. :p IVE MISSED YOU ALL THOUGH!!! There are sometimes no better friends than the long distance ones, and I count you all a bestie in this world of blogging. <3 So as my friends, I know you will not complain that this post is all over the place.

Ahhh so many things to say. My family and I went to Orlando and we had alot of fun. Yes, DisneyWorld was totally involved. I even got a marriage proposal from a man that worked there. Haha!
There will be details to come later. Alot of things did happen on this trip. For one, my dog died in the kennel around the third day we were on vacation. We buried him when we got back and Im still dealing with it so, I dont feel like talking about the trip right now. It just reminds me of hearing the news. But I DO have alot of stories and pictures to share so I hope you will stay tuned. I have so many purchases in the past few weeks that I want to post!!!

I am preparing to leave for school this year and IM SO EXCITED! I also want to share with you all my interior decorating ideas for my dorm. Seriously you guys...its out of control. Theres so much. And I am going to have to buy the space vaccuum bags to pack clothes because I have so many...there's arent enough rubbermaid tubs to pack everything. for some inner feelings and ideas that I just want to get out of my system and share:

I feel like I’m really delving more and more into fashion. I’m digging deeper into style and the wonderful, beautiful craftsmanship behind this art. Its kind of funny, because I’ve been thinking about things that are important to me. I guess there’s this tiny part of me that knows that a lot of people see fashion as a really trivial thing. In ways, it is. I mean, even important people in fashion advise to never take it too seriously. I am about to leave for bible college. I want to keep the main thing the main thing. And I will. However, at the same time, its really important to me. And I feel, as I’m putting things into perspective, the more I keep the main thing the main thing, the more I’m really able to actually love fashion. I appreciate it more. Because, if you take it too seriously, it becomes like a job-and I don’t mean like a fun career that you’re serious about. (funny to say it like that, no? Don’t take it serious bc then it wont be like something you’re seriously loving? haha. whatever)

And so, darlings, I have been defining my style in my head- really thinking about what it is. Let me just say that I am SO thrilled about it, as well. Who doesnt want to think about that stuff?! ha.

Ok, SO enough freaking talk ab me. Lets talk REAL FASHION, shall we darlings?

Since I’ve been on vacation and preparing for school, I feel like I’ve become so behind! Not to worry, though, because nothing has stopped me from buying loads of magazines. I’ve been examining product and styles and HOW SICK is the fashion for fall 2010?!  Sure, Sure, maybe I should be examining resort 2011...but IDONTCARE!! :] I want to be enveloped in Camel and red and army green and sequins and faux fur and leather and hard metal and big fat gems and sheerling and tweed with lace!! Btw, Marie Claire August 2010 was brilliant. BRILLIANT!!

I recently bought an adorable little necklace from Dillard’s for 2.99!! Its just a gold chain with a polished rectangular stone. I want to take the stone and convert convert convert it to a pin to stick to a clutch. In my mind, its OOC.
In news that I want to discuss but will have to wait to discuss because I’m having hot flashes really intensely-I’m only 20. early menopause or is it hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell?-and have 30 minutes to get ready for work:

-Charlotte Russe’s re launch

-The Glamourai’s collaboration with f21

-my top accessory picks and style picks for this fall

-probably some other stuff that I cant think of bc I have to go.

Love you!!

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