Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something About Us

Alls I wanna do is walk around wearing Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2010. Its amazing. And Ive found a boyfriend blazer in Charlotte Russe that reminds me of this magical collection!! Im super excited. When I saw it featured in a little corner of a page in Elle, I died. I thought-because yes, you CAN think while youre dead-"I MUST SHOW THIS ON LE BLOG! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!" I and blue never looked so good together..and it doesnt look patriotic.. yay!
 But here are some of my personal favorites...

Im definately going to buy a few Westwood inspired pieces...
1. knitted shrug in a tan or bright colour
2. Striped something-probably the boyfriend blazer
3. something linen-y-feeling.

Meanwhile...Ive been buying like mad. But this isnt good because Ive got a layaway of purses and shoes that is due out mondayyyyy. *bites nails* Haha. Ive also been craving some fun dresses lately. I keep finding tons of unique printed dresses that tickle my fancy...maybe I can afford to buy ONE. JUST ONE, ill tell myself. :p

And then some pastels that remind me of ice cream. Everything that involves ice cream lately is good...
Haha. Some smiles behind that sentence. Summer is definately my new favorite season.

What have you been craving?

Ill be back with some more obsessions.
Church for tonight, loves.


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