Friday, April 9, 2010

Let Me Tell You What Fridays Are For

Fridays are for shopping around the mall for hours after you get off work...even though you work at the mall....
And deciding that instead of going home, you'll wait around for many more hours until one of your best friends-who also works in the mall-gets off work....
So, you decide to go into Forever 21128748563127853 times, all while the associates are dying laughing and are losing count of how many times youre coming and in and cant make up your mind over what youve put on hold....SO....
Once your friend gets off work, and she tells you she's in the mood to shop, you take her into forever 21 to help you not make up your mind on your hold. You do end up buying something to go with your many other purchases that have been made in the last FOUR hours.. 
But youve now met up with some more friends-including two guys who youve dragged all over the mall- and decide to go to starbucks. Of course, you want to pull a prank on one of the boys. One of them is a flirt..The other is conservative and gullible and is very strict when it comes to girls.
So, you pretend to like him and flirt hardcore while he's nervously sweating and smiling. You ask him for his number and he gets nervous. So you pretend to start crying and go to the bathroom and put water on your face to look like tears. He feels terrible, of course. So he tells you he's sorry and is being such a gentleman that you just profess all your love to him in starbucks. start playing footsie. Once you bend over with your head under the table to "fix your shoe"-really, youre taking a moment to get smiles and giggles over with-he is freaking , waving his arms around, and mouthing "YOURE FRIEND IS TOUCHING ME!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! SHES PLAYING FOOTSIE!!" to your friends who are going along with it but are laughing their butts off. Everytime you touch him, he is so startled and nervous, he jumps and jerks. You are acting perfectly oblivious.
But finally, at the end of the night, you ask for a hug and tell him..
"dude...I dont like you"
It was his turn to laugh.
Thats what Fridays are for.
Tee Hee!!
Have fun saturdays dolls!
I cant wait to show you guyssesss whats alls I gots<3
Night Night!

Brw thanks for all the love! You all are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rad. :D

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  1. lol....sounds like a great way to spend your entire paycheck in a day!!!love the pictures!


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