Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye..please read all of this....

I wanted to take a moment to explain this to you. I dont feel it would be right to just delete all of this.
Blogging has become a very awesome creative outlet in my life. I really appreciate everyone who has ever taken an interest in this blog. I adore fashion and I adore all the beauty that Ive been able to share through this blog.
However, I have decided to stop blogging altogether. I dont really expect anyone to understand, its just a personal decision. I cant keep up with this anymore. Its breaking my heart to do this but I hope you all will understand. I have so many terrible things in my life right now and I dont need this being one of them. Its too addicting.

I think I will leave this blog up and hope that someone will see it and appreciate the things that inspired me so much. I also want to say that this is all just a big, fat april fools joke and Im totally never going to quit blogging for as long as I live hopefully. Hope youre having as many laughs as I am right now. :]
Goodbye Cheries.


  1. OMG. i COMPLETELY believed you. no joke, i was so so so sad!
    i am SO GLAD it's april 1st! haha.
    you are too cute :)
    cant wait for future posts!
    xoxo, rose

  2. That made me giggle, well done girl!

    stay beautiful !!
    hope to hear from you,


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