Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How y'all been doin? Im goood. B] Been chillin like mad. Naw...Ive actually been really busy. Working, working, and..oh yeah! WORKING! Not just my job, everything...So Anyway, Ive been dying to share this treasure with you all for a while. And y'alls are my homies so I cant leave you high and dry. Its spring. and we all need to look exxxttraaa cute. This Australia based store has plenty of amazing pieces. Since we cant just hop on over to Australia anytime..we can all go to the rad website. Sport's Girl is the name and yes my guh's, theyve got game. huuzzahh. Yeah, im that lame. :] Well anyway, they have a blog and also do a little "style me" section on the website. I adore all of it. So cute. Here are some of the looks I saved a while ago. Have fun and dont forget to click over. Im pretty sure everything is 20% off today only. Enjoy.

Love you all. Keep those comments rollin in. Every.Single.One. makes me<3
Y'all kick butt.
Loves you.


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