Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey lovelies! First off, I would like to say HAPPY BELATED EASTER! :] This was what my mom put together for me. :] She still gives my brother and I an Easter basket after all these years. I also got an issue of elle. Woop Woop! She knows me. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. I did and the play I wrote went wonderfully. Pics and maybe a video to come later? Im hoping. Everything has been so crazy. My brother also stole my chocolate bunny as a joke. I have threatened to send his favorite chocolate covered pretzels to the neighbors dog. :p What did you wear? I had to wear white with a colored scarf because I sang in the choir. No prob, though. Prada did white and I did add nude carlos santana shoes and a silver trench. However, you cant see them in the pictures, because I took them off to egg hunt.

Yes, dears, I egg hunted. Every year, our youth group(and mainly me) makes the staff do a teen section for egg hunting. The thrill of the chase to find the special egg, for years, has always been my favorite. That, and the candy. I have never found the special egg, and I want you to know,dears, that this year...i did NOT find it..once again! I did wrestle down the boy who found it and screamed at him, but he wouldnt give in.

I am a nineteen year old girl fighting over an egg. hahaha. I cant help it! Its the principle. Ive never found it! Everyone but me..and this year...the staff thought they'd be hilarious and stick tacs, corn chips, and paper clips in some of the eggs to trick us. LOL!!! I was dying. But look at this...we started...and I am in the corner of the picture because I got mowed over TWICE!!

ANYWAY :] This was my brother and I. I picked out his shirt and tie. Doesnt he look handsome?  Check out my two scarves because I couldnt decide which one to add for the choir. I switched up and wore both at different times. bahaha!
N yeah. This was my friend Craig and I. I just want to show this picture, because I love our sunglasses. I bought those for him as part of a deal we made, and im thinking of buying them for myself. Theyre so cute! I nabbed them when we were at the restaurant and just sat there the whole time wearing them. What do you think?

OK, last but not least...this little man is my heart! His name is Cade. Check out his blue hightops. I just adore! AND...he found the special egg in his age group!

Alright Dears, Im off to work! Have a fabulous Monday!
I love you!

P.S. Got some designers Im gonna be spotlighting this week. :]
Love new things.


  1. nice pics!!!! i like it! great blog honye. i follow youuuu...i hope you follooow me TOooo? kiss from germany ;*)

  2. So fun, darling!
    Looks like you had a fabulous Easter!


  3. Loving your new nude outfit with the pastel scarf very on trend !

  4. Cade looks really cute! Looks like you had a great easter :)


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