Thursday, February 18, 2010

You got me oh oh oh oh oh

Can I just express how much I want these Dior shoes? I love Dior. *sigh*
Mmmm. Thats a delicious shoe. Mumsy came home and surprised me with Rodarte!! :] Rodarte for Target. Im not so lucky as to get the couture version but I did dream about Rodarte for Target for a while. I just love her. Even though she did nag about me having the jackt she brought home. Im like "you bought it for me!!" I thanked for a billion times before, but it didnt phase her. Anyway, Ive been meaning to share my latest purchase with you I just want to clean my room getting so to dream up outfits! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. Jean Paul Gaultier and Zac Posen are coming to Target...I know many of you have heard but...I forgot to post about it and I am so excited....I just might mow over some associates there when it comes... :]

Oh and...

Jac Jagaciak before Alexander Wang show at the Fall/Winter 2010 New York Fashion Week shows. Pictures like this make me smile. Models can be so adorable.

Dont you just love her oversized circle scarf? Im dying for one. And were going into spring. oh well. Maybe I can buy one on clearance and stick a brooch on it or something. Its still cold. Via Altamira


  1. Oversized circle scarves are the best. And the little bows on those Dior pumps are ADORABLE!! :)

  2. We don't have Target here in Portugal :-( ... sniifff

    Thank you, my dear, for all your sweet comments at my blog!

  3. aww i wish my mom would surprise me with rodate even if its rodarte for target haha


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