Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh the drama of Marchesa. Its no wonder Zoe is in love with this brand. One of the quotes in her book is "Your clothes should hold drama; Not your life" Well there's more than enough delicious drama in these dresses!! I give you fall 2010. I even spot a few diy tights ideas. :]

Next, I stumbled upon Reem Acra. I had never heard of this brand, but I clicked on the link because I'm getting more and more into the lesser known designers. Like others, the designer did not have a runway show. There was a film released on her website instead. "I have a much wider audience out there than the ones who can come and see a show," Acra explained earlier this week at the video shoot. "I want my design statement to reach them as well." She didn't disappoint, either. I died over 95% of the looks. Very fun and youthful. Very fresh. All out glamour. Very rich. I see alot of long skirts, not only in this designers work, but others' as well. Do you die or deign for this fall collection?

I'm going to definitely be keeping this designer in mind. I love discovering new inspiration.

There are so many designers and shows! Its impossible to keep up and cover all of them...I have so much to share, and Paris fashion week is up next! Psshht. I dream of being there. Ive been scheming up ways to get in if I decide to just pop on over next season. hehehe. >:) Who's coming with me?

Meanwhile, in my real life, I found out that I did not overdraft! Hallelujah! :]
God is so good. I prayed over that all worriedly. Lol. You should never worry! Things always work out. So, now, the issue at hand is what to do now that I have the whole weekend off. I totally am dying to take a road trip! There's some preachers conference that my parents are going to tonight. I usually like going to these things because friends from other churches are there and seeing them is such a treat..However, this time, it does not sound that appetizing to my fun palate. I'm in the mood to go shopping. Surprise, Surprise.  McLawlz. ^.^ We'll see.
For now, I need a nap.
Good Night-Afternoon!

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