Monday, February 1, 2010

Chloe Sevigny:Style Love

I don't say style crush, I say Style LOVE...because with her stye, its more than just a fleeting crush!
"Chloë Stevens Sevigny (born November 18, 1974) is an American film actress, fashion designer, and former model. Her last name is pronounced say-veen-yee in French origin (Sévigny), although she herself has stated in interviews that she pronounces it as seven-knee"
 I wish I had more pictures...
This post may seem a little irrelevant, and I have a big Grammy's post coming, but her style is so inspiring and I wanted to post. LOL.
ANYWAY, Teen Vogue did this story in one of their 09 issues about Girl Hot VS. Guy Hot.
Girls' sense of attraction  is based on both sides of their brain, whereas, boys' is based on one side of their brain. (That was a mouthful in itself ;p)
They featured Chloe Sevingy as someone girls would describe as hot. I so agree! I never thougth she was just so pretty, but...she's such a fashion it girl and has done so much. She works really hard and has this sporty-meets-fashion style that I always have admired! She literally just embodies this high fashion meets girl next door meets surfer girl  look...idk. I always wanted at least part of me to be that. Ha. The surfer girl part I mean. My room is seriously decorated in surfing stuff. It's 12 Midnight. Thats cool. I'm so delirious & rambling on and on but...she's always herself. She is controversial. She talks about her own teenage drug experimentation and a very controversial scene she did in a movie once unapolIogetically and maturely.  I don't condone that type of behavior. She doesn't condone drug usage anymore and  I don't look up to it..but I seem to always apologize for myself. I dont even know why either. It's quite stupid. I also dont see her as one of the skinny minny ribs-showing kind of girls either. She is athletic! She is healthy. Go Chloe!
I'm done gushing..but seriously she is one of my faaavorites when it comes to style!
Some people just have it.
Something about her-even though I dont want be her or be like her- inspires me to be the best version of myself in every area.

Anyway, I'm going to bed.

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