Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, hello there. :] Did you miss me since that last rant? Lol. Hopefully...Im not a grumpy meanie head, I promise. Well, since I did not end up going
out, I had a little photoshoot. A day or two after my retail diet ended, I bought myself this army dress from f21 that I am going to wear as a jacket.(you know, in lieu of that whole big utalitarian trend for spring that Im going bananas over :0] ) I like this dress as a jacket because its lighter and doesn't over power my small frame like other jackets would. Its really comfortable and I just neeeedeeed it! :] It looks better in person though :/ Somehow, besides my stupid poses, these turned out very Vargas Girl-meets-aviator..Noooot the look I was going for but I just wanted to show you guyzz this dress.
This is what Ive come up so far for it.
Look at the belt, not the headband. The headband is actually pretty in person, but the picture turned it a weird colour.  

2. Brooch it ALL over. I was just too scared to do this to mine because of the fabric but I will one day!!
John Galiano. S/S 10

3. Metallics
4. Add pearls. This was fun. Not my most favorite look but still fun. I also like the idea of a tee under the jacket for the pearls.and/or a white button down. Teehee, my headband fell off as the picture was taking. :p

5. Add bright colours!
The blue leopard is just a scarf I wrapped around myself. :]

5. Leopard print!
Dont know whats up with the lazy eye in this picture, LOL>And guess who found their kakhi cropped treeenccchh?!!!!!  This is part of the trend too. I only wish I had one from burberry's. This one from Apt. 9 is amazing though. Got it on a vintage trip with a friend. Pretty much best vintage find everrrr. OH. And see that little hole beside my booty? Well, somehow, my brother originally did that..and then he fixed it..we need to paint it though but anyway..tonight my big rearend put the hole back in there............ :( LOL. My friend Patrick is going to have a field day with the fat jokes when he sees this. Im thinking about not saying anything and letting my dad find it and fix it. :p
Sooo yah. I thought Id leave you with better pictures of the Utilitarian trend. notes that its easy to become lazy with this trend, so look for dressy options. I found that to be true. Im gonna keep trying though. Im def def def gonna put it with a floral print. :]
Anyway, I guess Im done for now.

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