Friday, January 8, 2010

Really long talking news years resolution post that i doubt you'll actually read but you should because its inspiring.

Babes, it's freeeeezing!!!
The high for today was 20 degrees. :O
Yet, I adore it and I wish I had someone to snuggle with.
Ooohhh wellls :]
I did make a list of resolutions and I must say, I'm quite proud of myself...I've been keeping them as much as I can.
I find it rather funny that everyone is coming out with tips on how to make your resolutions stick. Like, it's a DIRE thing that you MUST make them stick because NOONE has self control!!
I guess, though, it's hard and with these economic times, everyone needs to be able to get used to a little self control and hold on to new starts and new happinesses.
I know I need to practice self control when it comes to retail indulgences. I spent alot last year. ALOT. no judgements pleeeaaseee.


Get closer to God.
I always say that but there is always room to get closer to God. He is wonderful and loves me so much. I want to reciprocate as much as possible, though I could never love Him as much as He loves me and you. He is so deep, that I dont think you could ever fully know Him...but I'm going to give it a shot :]

Stay consistant in reading my Bible.
I am normally horrible about this, I'll be honest. I usually let things get in my way and/or I fall alseep. However, it's usually when I do read, I become so engrossed I cant stop and end up reading for hours! It really is amazing. There's so much life and awesomeness that I cant describe just awaiting to discovered inside. It really is a treasure. There is advice and knowledge for every area of your life. If you begin to read it, your days will instantly get better. That's not to say you wont have bad days by reading the Bible, but...your bad days can become more manageable and easier to get through.
I've already started and I'm proud of myself. My personaly schedule is morning and night, and sometimes in the afternoon.
Pack for College, no matter WHEN I'm going.
I always procrastinate but no more.
It's a personal thing, dont ask me about it.
I'm not going to talk about it.

Sit down on January 2nd and list five reasons why I would want to marry me.
I read this one in a magazine, haha, but it seemed like a great idea. I needed to look at good things about me.
and..done! :] I recommend trying it yourself.

Save Money
Atually put some-all of my ideas into reality
I am constantly inspired and dreaming up projects. I never put them into reality though. Like, paintings and all kinds of stuff. It's so fun to create. <3

Save money! (it's hilarious I put this one down twice, and almost right after the first time I wrote it, without realizing. This just shows you how bad I am. )
I will NOT buy ANYTHING new on a whim BEFORE Valentines day! I'm putting myself on a retail diet. Everyone I've told this has laughed at me so far...but I'll have them and you know that I've succeeded so far and I've been surrounded by some of the most gorgeous stuff Ive seen in my life on sale.

NOW, this diet excludes if I actuallty need something like..right now I need a brown thermal to layer under stuff to stay extra warm and Ive been meaning to buy one..just..noone has one here. BUT all the stuff I actually just see and more!! I'm a changed woman.
From now on, after the Valentines Day shopping rehab, I will only shop on occasion. SUCH AS:
  • planned shopping trips with friends (this just makes shopping more fun and appreciated)
  • Holidays and Vacations
  • Conventions and trips with the youth group
Funny story: my good friend PATTY (its actually guy,patrick, but I call him patty to get on his nerves) was talking to me and I told him about my diet. He laughed, because he knows my addiction, but promised to be my support system and promised to encourage me to not shop. One day..I walked into stein mart. I didnt want to go in, my mom did. I thought it was going to be picked over out of style older women's garb.
beautiful headbands, amazing purses, hot pencil skirts and dresses.
I texted patty and said I needed him. I was panicky. I wanted to buy. I had a craving to buy stuff.
No reply. I texted again "patrick youre supposed to help me! you promised! HEELLPPP!!!!"
He texted back "youre crazy go home and eat!" because eating is going to help me~!
I just laughed...but I am now looking for a new support system :p
I did walk out of there with nothing though. : D
It might seem comical or weird or dramatic that I talk about it like this but..I know some of you out there know what it feels like to constantly buy..because it gives you a rush and there's so many pretty things out there that you feel like you need. And for some reason, even if its something you dont even like that much you think 'i can make it cute' and you know you shouldnt buy it..but you get panicky and can't see past that moment. You feel like its not going to be ok unless you buy what youre wanting. It will be gone and you wont have it. Then, the world will end. Ok, it wont end but it does present a problem in your mind. And buy it. Whether its on sale or not, you feel guilty, but toss that guilt right out the window-happy with your purchase. You promise yourself that you wont buy anymore. Then, you walk into the next store. And for me, I go to work-a clothing store-and it starts all over again.

I've found though, that everytime I dont buy, and get away from the temptation and get home...i feel better than I would if I had bought something. This saving money, feels amazing. Haha. And this girl's story inspired me.

Fully learn how to sew.

exercise more.
'nuff said.

keep a gratitude journal. Saw this one in a mag, too. Every night you just write down at least one thing youre grateful for. "Studies show people who did this were happier than people who didnt" DUH. Youre looking at what you have.

Give to God more.
The law of giving: Give and ye shall receive.
The more you give  to God the more and more you'll get back.
I want to bless God alot more this year. Not to just get back more-bc you cant outgive God. He always gives back more than you gave Him-but to really bless God and touch His heart. I want to be able to help out works for Him. People are always blessed whether it be giving money to the church, giving money to evangel8ists and missionaries or just giving money to a minister. I'm letting God lead me and direct me on how to give it. I would also love to help homeless people this year. Ive always had a burden for them.

fully learn how to drive.
*sigh* there I said it. I dont drive. I am 19 and I dont have a liscence.
In my defense, Rachel Ray didnt learn how to drive until she was 30. :p
Is it immature? Yes. Is it lame? Yes. Do I care? NO.
I do want to drive, I just..dont.
I really dont care all the time, because I get a free ride and I dont have to pay for gas.
I did start to learn how to drive I just...stopped.
I do not want to pay the money for driver's ed, plus I never have time.
My parents never had time to teach me, and when they did, I only drove around the block.
But I dont owe an explanation to anyone.
I just figured I'd get it all out. And this year, I will learn how to drive because its getting quite annoying not having my own car.
Dont ask me about it, because I can guarantee you, you are more concerned about it than I.

Well there it is, folks. My resolutions. You know me a little more now.
This was alot of sharing.
BUT I cant leave you without some pictures that would be wrong, and Im sure you've figured out by now that I'm a TAD long winded. ;]

I wore this uotfit today. You cant really see, but my cardigan under my vest was purple. Whats your HONEST opinion on this outfit? I wasnt sure about it. You can be 100 percent honest.


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  1. I so adore your furry vest - it's simply fabulous! Saving money...oh, that is the hardest thing ever!! :)


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