Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm gonna hit this city

Hello, lovelies!!! Hope you've all been having a fantastic week and start to the new year. :] I've been making some changes and reorganizing things in my life. God is always helping me get through and working things out for me so I trust Him to make it all work out. :] I've made some resolutions that have stuck so far haha and I'll definately share soon. I know I said that a while back, but I want to make a seperate post about them.

RIGHT NOW. Yes. Right promised.....*angels voices* aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Like others in my life-and, Im sure, like many of you out there- I ADORE her!!
She is such a fashion AND style icon! She is gorgeous.
A manager of mine was saying,last week, that when she wears her hair up, she looks so she should be in one of those wedding dress commercials where the bride is other worldy gorgeous and she's like..floating through the entire commerical..not literally know ;)
No matter where she's at, its always the same reaction...

OK..enough doting. There wont be alot of details.. JUST PURE PARKER. And get ready ..this will be a lengthy post. <3

Glamour cover shoot Jan 2010

Parker has been on a patterned/textured tights kick lately.

  And of course, whats about post about SJP without Sex and the City Pictures? I love ALL her outfits from this.

I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE this picture of them in the fur. its my favorite. Annnddd I hope that when I get my new laptop, I look this glamourous sitting there typing. <3


Now, fans, a moment of silence....for the dress. You know the one....

And finally, sneak peaks from the second movie!! :D

Get sarah's look for less!

Fun and exciting and *drooool* :] Goodnight!! 


  1. Yaaaayyyyyy! <3<3<3! My only comment is that you have a pic of them at the ball park in the 2nd movie category. It's actually from the first season of the show. She gets really drunk and ends up scoring a date with the top player in the game :P "The New Yankee". good episode. GREAT POST! :D

  2. Fabulous pics and collage, darling!
    I love SJP's red carpet style!


  3. i love sjp, she always looks good!

  4. hooray, i love sjp, and you have so many great photos of her! i think she's just gorgeous, and i love her unique look and quirky style. and she always seems down-to-earth and friendly too. ~joelle


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