Saturday, January 30, 2010

Colour My World

I also redrew the nose on that girl with the bow btw. I know it looks weird haha.
Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So I'm totally snowed in and booorrreeeddd. I sketched all yesterday. I'm loving all kinds of art illustration and  those were a few of mine. I've got a project Im going to begin that revolves around bows! >.< So excited! Here are some illustrations, though, that are not mine and they inspire me so much! Enjoy!

girls in glasses


burberrys coats



sofia coppola french vogue

mona johannesson


gemma ward



:] I'll try to be back later with some more things Im thinking about. I also might go play in "white death 2010" :]
Do you guys have any snow?


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