Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clothes That Get the Guy...according to Glamour

Chace Crawford, better known to some of you gossip girls out there as Nate Archibald,from the ever popular t.v. series, gossip girl, has posed for the Feb 2010 issue of Glamour..and he's lookin goooood. :]
I really liked the interview with him, as I never had read much about him before. He claims to be really laid back, and from this ADORABLE photoshoot, I'd say that looks about right!

Glamour reports tips on clothes that get the guy, "If you want to grab a man's attention, take a vacay from your basics and slip into something candy color..." Personally, although I'm loving the upcoming pastels and nudes, I have been craving a bit of some pop of color myself; and these outfits look perfectly sweet to me!

(Psst! Look for tips under every picture from Glamour on how to wear the styles on a real date)

^^ " It doesn't have to be a tulle tutu-your prettiest slip will do the trick" ^^

^^ "Pants on a date? Theyre a do! Take your most flattering pair out with a couple of girly pieces. it's a look that channels laid-back cool"^^

^^ "Let your mini flirt for you. The come hither power of a short skirt goes far, whether its paired with a jacket or not."^^ Now, for Apostolic young ladies :] , try an a knee length a-line. Theyre just as feminine and flirty. Since longer, play with a proprtion of the look if you add a jacket. You dont want to look over-powered.

^^ "Fact: Men love Red. The official color of Valentine's Day also flatters like crazy. Choose orangey red if you have a warm skin tone, blue red if you're cooler." ^^

^^ "Mixx your little top with a sequined piece. Guaranteed easy and fun outfit idea: Throw on your prettiest tee over glittery anything."^^

^^" Show off your waist. All you need for total guy domination is something belted and halter-shaped."^^

^^"Pick a lingerie-ish dress. You'll find tons of similar styles in stores now. If youre worried about being overexposed, layer a white tank underneath."^^ Need your arms covered? In my opnion, I'd add a little sequined shrug or a soft open cardigan with a skinny belt or brooch.

^^ "Ruffles are everywhere-Have fun! Got a secret thing for princess style? Fine! Own it in an unapologetically froufrou style"^^
I love flower headbands and pins.

And there you have it! Any of my fellas out there, what do you think? Do you like these ideas? Feedback please!

Now glamour dawls, go out and get yo man!! :]

"You know you love me!"
Madison ;)

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  1. so cute! i love chase/nate! (:

    verrrrry informative. i'll for sure try this!



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